Armstar Carrying Case – If Batman had an iPhone Carrying Case, this Would be It!

iPhones have hundreds of different types of tools and awesome kits. You can literally turn your phone into a camera, bottle opener, and even a heart monitor device. But perhaps the best thing that the iPhone is good for, is the ability to take you out of dangerous situations. Let’s just say that if batman had the ability to choose between a carrying case and a CARRYING case, it would be this self-defense arm cover called the BodyGuard.

The carrying case/self defense arm has a stun gun, it has a laser with an HD camera, flash light, defense shield, safety pin,  and most importantly an iPhone dock to update your facebook status as you’re POWING! through the enemies in the midst of battle. They don’t have a price yet, but if you’re very interested in one of these arm bands, you can contact Armstar and they will send you a quote. Via Ubergizmo