3,500 Cellphones Were Used to Create This Pegasus Sculpture

Talk about sending a whole bunch of cellphones to waste. I know the sculpture is pretty bad ass, but let’s say that each phone is just $100 per cellphone, MINIMUM, this is the most expensive sculpture of a Pegasus that I’ve ever seen. The sculpture is going to be at the entrance of the Mobile World Congress 2012 in Barcelona.

It was constructed out of 2000 feet of metal rods that make up the inside wire frame, the cellphones were then tagged to the exterior of the frame. Overall, Pegasus took over 720 hours to make and it stands just shy of 19 feet and has a wingspan of 16 feet. It was manufactured by Huawei, a Chinese company, to introduce their new Ascend D Quad smartphone – which Huawei considered to be the “world’s fastest” phone. That’s why they are using the Pegasus as their mythological creature. Whether or not the phone actually stands up to the Pegasus, that’s a different story.

Even if the phone doesn’t make it big, the statue is pretty impressive. It would be sweet if the phones could actually turn on to make it glow at night, but I doubt that’s possible.  Via CNET