Facebook Introduces their New Dedicated Message App

When Facebook came into the picture, it took down a major “social” contributor, AIM, by introducing their “chat” services. But now, they are stepping up into a whole new playing field, they have recently launched a messaging application that is more like text messages than anything else.

This new messaging application is completely dedicated to messaging alone, and while it is still connected to your facebook account, it runs on it’s own separate app page. Once you send out a message, your friend(s) will receive a notification instantly, IF they have the application installed. This is a similar application to that of Blackberry Messenger. So if you have unlimited data but you don’t have unlimited text messages, this application is perfect for you.

If you have not downloaded this application already, head on over to the app store and get this to try it out. Let’s hope that we get the chance to enjoy this app before facebook get’s taken down by Anonymous on November 5, 2011.

via Engadget