Landscapes Made Out of Book Pieces

Books take us through incredible elaborate adventures. They take us through different ages, worlds, and even alternate realities that are beyond belief. The better the author, the better the story, and likewise the better the mental image will be. Sometimes the stories are so well written that we actually have difficulty putting a book down, you get to visualize exactly what color t-shirt the character was wearing, and how the colors made the people around them feel. Some books paint an image that is so well put together that it feels as if you’re watching a movie.

The following images take you into a similar world, a world where books are turned into amazing pieces of art. The pieces of art were created by Guy Laramee, Once you see what these pieces are all about you’ll quickly see two things, these pieces took hours to make, and they are so elaborate that they take you into a world that’s just as good as the one they make you imagine.

The landscapes are cut out from the body of several books. The detail is beyond belief, I wish he had a time lapse video of how he made one of these pieces, other than I doubt you’ll ever see another piece of art as awesome as these books.