The Ultimate in Online Security is in Cloud Shredding Technology

When you store data online, in the “cloud,” usually you end up storing an entire document ready for anyone else to see it. The cloud uses sophisticated encryption technologies to make sure that your data is stored properly from prying eyes. Unfortunately that’s not really the case, hackers still find ways to see your stored documents and can damage your information. The only way to really keep anyone from seeing your documents is to shred it into separate pieces and store them in different locations, that’s where cloud shredding technology comes into the picture.

Basically, the shredder works the same way as a normal paper shredder, but on virtual documents, and the documents can be put back together. You split your data into two separate parts, one of the parts is stored in the cloud, the second part is stored in your laptop. When you open a document, your computer merges both parts together and displays your full document. If your computer get’s stolen then all you have to do is erase your cloud data and the thief is not going to be able to see your data since he only has one piece of the document. The only problem is that if you lose your laptop, your data is lost, so this is only good if you’re paranoid about your documents being seen by someone else.

The shredder is only going to work with Adobe Acrobat and Open Office, and it should be available sometime this moth,  but in the future they should be able to get this technology with other products and data services.

Via New Scientist