Key Pattern analysis software times your typing for added password protection

Some times your password is not enough to keep your computers protected, your roomates may be able to figure out just what you are thinking, or they may find that piece of paper that says “passwords!” and when that happens, your accounts are compromised. However, key pattern analysis or KPA for short, solves that problem by timing your typing. American University of Beirut was able to develop a program that protects your log-in passwords using a key pressing timing that is unique to you.

When you type a password, it takes you a specific amount of time and it usually hardly ever changes, primarily because you are used to typing your password on the regular basis. For example, lets say that you type “Doggone” as your password, that may take you 2 seconds, while it may take me 3 or 4 seconds to throw it out there. So not do the “hacker(s)” have to figure out your password, then they have to figure out how fast you typed it in.

The initial set up is the creation of your unique profile, you enter your password a few times while the code tracks the speed and timing of your keystrokes. The software then associates your speed with your password and tracks the speed timing between your strokes,

KPA is a great little addition to the password security, only problem is, what happens when you break your fingers? or if you can’t type as fast as normal? or if you are in a hurry and need to get into your account asap? I guess for that you will need some sort of facial recognition like the iPhone App.

Via: Engadget and Gizmag