WinX DVD Ripper by DigiArty Review: Safe To Download

When you spend $50 or so dollars on a DVD, you don’t want to have a collection of movies that are collecting dust in the corner of your room. It makes sense to want to back up your copies and carry them with you everywhere you go, on your iPad, or your Android. Just recently I was trying to transfer some movies from my DVD collection and onto my iPad, the only way of doing it was through purchasing expensive software that guaranteed the job OR try to take my chances at downloading a free software that could potentially be infected with viruses, freeware, spy bots, you know, the whole list weird malicious names. Then I came across DigiArty, a software company that is full of DVD ripping software.

The thing that caught my attention was that WinX DVD Ripper is free, it didn’t make sense at first and it instantly sent out the “red flags”. The software claimed that it can backup your DVDs to your hard drive to increase the protection of your movies. You can then store your DVD’s as MP4, WMV, AVI, FLV, Mov, MPeg, and a number of other formats. Once they are downloaded, you can take the movies and send them to your iPhone, iPod, Apple TV, Android Phone, PSP, etc. with your own customized profile settings.

So it actually get’s a lot of things done for free, if you’re wondering why they are giving it out for free here is a catch. It does exactly what it describes it does %100 of the time, but it has several features that are blocked unless you buy the premium service.  The chart at the bottom has a list of all the services offered in the premium service and all the services that you have on the free version. Honestly, the free version is more than enough to get a one time movie ripping session out of the way. But if you’re going to be doing this with several movies, I would recommend the Platinum version. (platinum is like the online gold standard now days) Click on the image at the bottom to see a larger version of the features.

The things I really liked about this service were:

1) It doesn’t come with any viruses or any type of malware, this is probably one of the first downloads in a long time that gets this done without any threat to your PC.
2) It’s free, no strings attached, and when you want to erase it, it doesn’t leave those spam messages to upgrade upgrade UPGRADE.
3) It downloaded in like 10 minutes, and it ripped a 2 hour long movie in 18 minutes.  That’s pretty fast.
4) IT Works and it offered a very friendly interface. You can rip movies in 3 mouse clicks.

C-Net reviewed the Platinum version of the software and they gave it an awesome review score. They compared WinX to another competitor and WinX got their vote. If you’re looking for a free way of taking your DVD’s with you and porting them onto your iPad, then this is the way to go. If you were one of the lucky people that got an HP touchpad, you could turn that into a movie pad for when you’re on the road. I would also recommend and see what else DgiArty has to offer, here is the link to their website, they have a whole list of other products that claim to do amazing things. If it’s anything like the DVD Ripper, then I’m sure you’ll love what they have to offer.