New York State Police Traffic Ticket Computer Virus

You know, I almost fell for this one… if it wasn’t for the fact that I live in Texas and have only been to New York one time over 2 years ago, I would of definitely fallen for this one. The image to the left is a copy of what came in through my e-mail box earlier today. It has a copy of a ticket that claims I received a citation in the city of New York. It lists the time and date of the ticket and even lists the name of the violation that was broken.

The e-mail instructs you to please print out the enclosed ticket found in the attachment and to send it out to the court house. The Ticket’s address, time, offense, and town court changes periodically so it’s not going to look exactly like the image on the left but it’s very similar to the image.

According to a statement given by Sgt. Kern Svogoda earlier in the week, he said that calls have been coming into the station from all over the country starting Overnight Wednesday. He stated that the investigators with the Computer Crime Unite have not identified the type of infection carried by the mail. But if you look at the “sent to” address you’ll see that it has a lot of e-mails. Two of the e-mails were from people that were already in my mailing list So can only assume that the virus will try to send it’s self out the people in your inbox after it infects your computer. What ever the case may be, do not download the attached zip file described as “ticket from the Department of Motor Vehicles” Police departments, regardless of their locale, will not e-mail you a copy of a ticket claiming you can go to jail if you don’t respond.

If you have been infected with the virus, you can update your anti-virus and see if your system has an update to remove the virus. If you have opened the attachment but have not detected anything wrong with your computer, update you AV and see if that detects anything. If you got infected just to see what the virus did, please leave us a comment at the bottom. I’m really interested in clicking the download link 😛