China is going to construct the worlds largest radio telescope

When it comes to searching for alien worlds, or radio signals, you need to have a very large radio satellite to pick up those signals. That’s why China is breaking the ground to begin it’s construction of the world’s largest Radio Telescope.

Five Hundred Meter Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope (FAST) will be nearly three times bigger than the current Arecibo Observatory located in Puerto Rico. This will be able to receive alien signals from as far as 1000 light years away.

FAST will join SETI in search for extraterrestrial radio signals, however, FAST’s primary mission is to find pulsars, supernovas, and other interesting things that are happening in the universe.

The building is going to take several years before it is completed, China says they might be able complete the satellite by 2016  and they will be able to detect signals that started coming towards the earth over 1000 light years ago.

Cornell University Library, via PopSci