Microsoft Kinect Turned 1, and it Already Changed the Business World

On November 4, 2010, Microsoft launched what many think was the most revolutionary device available for public purchase – Microsoft Kinect. When Microsoft launched the Kinect, they were launching the Kinect as a gaming peripheral for their Xbox system. At the time, Microsoft really didn’t know what they were releasing, they specially didn’t think they were going to be releasing something that could be taken as a serious technological game changer. Once the hacking community was able to get their hands on the actual software that made the Kinect “tick” they quickly began to use it to make so much more than what it was originally designed for.

Finally, one year later, Microsoft realized what they had in their hands. The video posted above is a new Microsoft TV Ad that goes over everything they¬†envision¬†the Kinect could be used for. The video didn’t really show any actual current uses for the Kinect, but they now recognize that the Kinect is more than just a toy. A company in Spain is actually researching different aspects of the Kinect to use it in an operating room. Other companies in the USA are trying to find ways to make the Kinect interact with small robots that could help bomb squad technicians stay safe.

Of course, everything that has happened with the Kinect has been thanks to computer hackers, but Microsoft announced that it will release a Commercial SDK in 2012. Once the SDK is release, the Kinect will officially become more than just another gaming peripheral. Do you think the Kinect will be able to change the world the way Microsoft is thinking? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.