Microsoft’s New Social Network Socl – Social Searching

It looks like the internet has enough room for yet another social network to join in on the fun. Google’s social network “plus” seems to be doing okay, but now Microsoft is trying to jump onboard to get a piece of the social pie. Microsoft’s new social network called Socl, is going to be the social network for social searching – Why? Well, I don’t even know either. But this social network is going to attack Google more than it is Facebook.

The Verge’s Thomas Houston tested out the network, he said that while it feels like Facebook and Google+ the Socl Network by Microsoft is a different kind of beast! He said that Socl is all about the sophisticated search and predictive algorithms used on the Bing Search engine. The point of the Socl network is to get more refined searches that are likely catered to your own search needs.

Socl will let you follow friends, post status updates, or even search for updates, posts, notes on the fed, and watch youtube videos. You will not have as much privacy as Google+ but this is something that some people are willing to overcome.

With the addition of Socl, do you think that the networks are getting over crowded? I still have problems trying to keep up with my social accounts, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit, Stumbleupo, Etc. and now Socl… that’s going to be a little to much, I still have no idea as to how people keep up with all of their accounts on line.

Via The Verge