Disgruntled gamers sending SWAT teams to bug Xbox’s Staff

Imagine sitting at home with your wife and children enjoying the perfect dinner that you have been working on for the past two hours. Then you hear a voice over a loud speaker coming from outside calling your name saying that they have the entire house surrounded!

Your wife looks at you in the eyes and says “Who the bleep did I marry!?!” well, if you are an Xbox Live Employee that is tasked with banning people who cheat, this may be an every day ordeal.

Eric Neustadter is one of these Xbox employees, and the most recent attack against him was an unknown person sending in texts to 911 pretending to be Neustadter

The texts were saying that he had only seconds to live. Two males that he identified as Russians had forcefully entered his house, shot his son dead and scattered military-grade Claymore mines all across his lawn. In that moment, a barricaded bedroom door and a text to 911 were his only hopes at seeing another sunrise. So what happened next?

“Police asked him to come outside. Meanwhile, AT&T got another message that stated, “There’s a device blinking red on the kitchen table.”When Neustadter went outside he was “momentarily detained,” the report states, until police were sure nobody was hurt.

“He was able to tell us that everyone in the house was alright and that he believed it was a hoax because it had occurred to numerous other Microsoft employees in the past,” states the police report, …”

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