Windows 8 Finally Does Search Right and Gets a Whole Lot Better

Windows just got a whole lot better. In the past, searching within Windows, has always been one of the most horrible experiences in the world. When I first heard about the new computer OS, I wasn’t to sure about their new system, to me, it looked like a larger version of their windows phone OS. But after watching the video, I can safely say I’m pretty freaking exited about the new Windows 8 Operating system. Let’s hope it’s as good as it’s advertised throughout their videos.

From the video, it looks like everything is designed to be as simple as pressing a few buttons. I’m sure there will be more button combinations to remember but it’s not something that we can’t get used to. The whole process seems very smooth, the overall design look great, and the navigation doesn’t look lagish at all. Learn more at MSDN.com