Xbox 360 Sales are increasing after 6 years in the market

This is pretty sweet, the chart shows the change in video game console sales starting in year one (when they were released) Almost every game console drops after the 3 year or so, however, Microsoft’s sales of the 360 console have grown and continue to grow. This has nothing to do with the PSN Hack since Playstation is on it’s 5th year of “life” we’ll see how the sales change in the next year.

The sales are actually increasing for the console giant, this mainly has to do with huge price drops and new additions such as the Kinect. The sales look like they are going to continue to grow thanks to their main competitor going through one of the worst PR cases imaginable.

The chart means that were probably not going to see a new Xbox come out for some time, and we probably will see a Next Generation Nintendo come out pretty quickly some time next year or so. This could potentially ruin the Xbox strong sales but oh well, they are going strong right now and that’s all that matters.  Besides the Xbox is actually a pretty solid console, it hasn’t died yet and it still holds it’s own against the PS3 and Nintendo, the same can not be said about the other consoles, even though they are owned by the same companies.

Until there is a needed change to the console, why try to come up with something new? it brings up the good old saying “If  it ain’t broken why try to fix it?” Good Job Microsoft, You guys really pulled your things together after the Red Ring of Death fiasco ya’ll had going on for a while, props to ya’ll!

Via Engadge