Liquid Repellent Superhydrophobic Coating Repels Everything, Even Chocolate Syrup

It never fails, every freaking time you get something new, you mess it up within the first two hours of purchase. “Hey dude check out my new phone! I got it earlier today, disregard the giant crack on the side, I dropped it after getting it out of the box…” But this bad luck goes with everything, including shoes, especially if they are white. But thanks to NeverWet, you’ll be able to live a stain free stress life for months at a time.

NeverWet was developed by Ross Nanotechnology to allow any type of fluid, liquid, and even oils to slide off machinery, materials, and even electronics. The superhydrophobic silicon coating creates a 160 degree angle over your product. This angle makes it impossible for liquids to get attached to anything. From the video above, chocolate syrup slips off the front of a white pair of shoes without leaving the smallest of a mark.  If you check out their website, you can see them use cover an iphone in this coating to make it waterproof. Finally, dropping ketchup on your white kicks is not going to break your style! Via NeverWet via CNET