A thunderstorm, a comet, and fireworks together to make the most beautiful night sky

Sometimes the most beautiful things our planet has to offer happen right in front of our eyes, but it takes a very good photographer to capture them in one picture. In January 2007, people from Perth Australia got the best show in town.

They all gathered on a local beach to watch the night sky compete for “awesomeness” Nearby to the left, fireworks exploded in celebration of Australia Day, at the same time on the right side far into the distance a thunderstorm flashed it’s beauty with an amazing display of a lighting power.

The heavens didn’t stay behind either, if you look close into the center of the image in that clear patch of clouds, you can see Comet McNaught, it was so bright that you can see it through the flash display of the fireworks, and even the storm on the right.

Beats my images by far, but if you really look at the images that NASA has on their website you’ll be impressed by almost every single one of them. The next image is better than the previous one. Don’t believe me? take a look at this picture if you don’t believe me. It shows the Space Shuttle breaking through the clouds at just the right time.

The Image was turned into a panorama image, meaning that the photographer took 3 images, one on the left, one on the center and one on the right so you can capture the full beauty as he was seeing it through his eyes.  Now before you start smashing and bashing his picture to the ground, he saw what could possibly be the best thing in the world and tried his best at capturing it. The pictures were taken one right after the other and all he did was stitch them together.