Cancer Vaccine that Actually works is finally created!

For many families, this came a little to late. But for our future, Scientist and Investigators from Mayo Clinic along with Collaborators from the United Kingdom, have cured well established prostate tumors in mice using a human vaccine with no apparent side effects.

This new revolutionary cancer treatment encourages the immune system to rid itself of prostate cancer and tumors without needing the assistance of any dangerous and toxic chemotherapy currently used for cancer treatment.

The findings appear in the journal Nature Medicine.

Richard Vile, Ph.D., said “We are hopeful that this will overcome some of the major hurdles which we have seen with immunotherapy cancer research,” Mayo’s immunotherapy research led by Dr. Vile already shows promise in treating prostate cancer and melanoma. If this works on humans, the same vaccine could be used to treat more aggressive cancers in the lungs, or brain.

The best thing about the findings, aside of destroying cancer cells, is the fact that there are no side effects after the disease is eradicated. The Murine T-Cells attack only the cancer cells leaving the healthy tissue behind undamaged.

This new Vaccine was created with the assistance of geneticist, they created snippets of genetic code from a healthy human prostate into a DNA library. The scientist then inserted the DNA into a swarm of Vesicular Stomatitis Viruses or VSV’s, they were then introduced into the test mice as a vaccine during a series of injections. After the procedure was complete, the cancer cells were completely destroyed.

The reason the vaccine works at attacking only the cancer cells is because all infections, allergens and tissues, including tumors, have a unique fingerprint called an antigen, it’s a type of molecular finger print that automatically trigger the body’s immune system. Unfortunately, no body really knows how many Antigens the immune system can see on tumor cells, that’s why they go unnoticed for so long by the body. And by the time it finally realizes it’s there, the tumors are so advanced that the body can not destroy them in time.

So in layman’s terms, the virus is used as a way to tag the cancer cells so our antibodies can find them and attack them. The virus enters the prostate, then the body’s t-cells are notified of an attacking virus, the cells then attack the virus and during the attack the T-cells are exposed to the mutated viruses DNA (The Prostate DNA the scientist injected them with) the T-cells then create a protein that begins to look for more of this protein and it begins to attack the prostate tumors because it confuses them with the attacking VSV.

They hope that this research might be the turning point in the fight against cancer, all they need to do now is create a version of the vaccine for humans, this process might start in the next 2 years or so. As long as the virus confuses the cancer cells we’ll be okay, heaven forbid they confused non-cancer cells, we’ll be turned into a giant walking tumor, we’ll be looking like zombies from I Am Legend.

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