Phobos-Grunt Failure Means the Russian Satellite Will Likely Come Crashing Back to Earth

Earlier this month Russia launched Phobos-Grunt, a probe that was going to “probe” Phobos, one of Mars moons. The launch was a success, and the probe was going to make two engine burns to send it out towards Mars, unfortunately, the engines failed, and once again we have to deal with a satellite full of poison dropping down over our heads.

Russian engineers are working day in and day out to try and figure out a solution to the engine malfunction, if they fail to come up with a solution within the next few weeks, the satellite may get sucked down by the Earth’s gravitational force.  The satellite, according to an Ex-NASA expert, is carrying one of the most toxic payloads ever:

“About seven tons of nitrogen teroxide and hydrazine, which could freeze before ultimately entering, will make it the most toxic falling satellite ever,” he said. “What was billed as the heaviest interplanetary probe ever may become one of the heaviest space derelicts to ever fall back to Earth out of control.”

Wired stated that the vehicle weighs about 15-tons, most of which will get burned up during re-entry, but the size of the satellite means that we’ll have some debris landing in our back yards.  Awesome Times to be alive!