Facebook Timeline: Will It Be Useful to us?

The Internet has become an eternal part of our lives, It’s the best place to hang around, make new friends, and earn money. Social networking sites are now one of the largest websites with the most traffic. Tumblr, Facebook, twitter, Youtube and many other sites have created a separate type of culture called “social networking.”

Sites like Facebook have become so important that people not only use them for networking, but they use them as their online diary where they are storing their entire lives from start to finish. Such sites offer everything form chatting, to sharing data, to listening music, storing and sharing your files, and a plethora of other services. These services incorporate a mix of media players, clean layouts and online file storage systems to attract new users. All of these services combined, make someone’s online presence extremely share-able.

This advancement in internet and social media technology has made the social sharing a convenient experience for all. Now at one place you can share all your important images, with all your friends in one go. The amount of information one can share at such social networking sites can be overwhelming. So having control over who sees the content you are sharing is extremely important. There are privacy settings to keep everything in “Check” but unfortunately, the settings keep on changing constantly that the typical user has difficulty keeping up.

One of the latest changes in our online community, and perhaps the biggest change, is the addition of the “Facebook timeline.” The time line made it very easy to find thing that you thought were hidden, content that is not marked as “private” is open for everyone to see. The time line is supposed to allow greater control when it comes to finding content in someones profile. The new set up however, made the privacy settings a little difficult to understand and are definitely not user friendly anymore. Some users have to conduct research, and read guides in order to use them properly. However, once the settings have been properly tuned, the time line actually keeps user’s private data safer from Strangers, than previous Facebook versions.

The timeline feature makes it easier to go through someones updates by clicking on the month, week, day, or year, as compared to dig through their profile to find the information you’re looking for. This new feature makes events that happened one year ago, as easily accessible as the fresh updates that were updated the same day. Additionally, the timeline lets you create an event for a remarkable day. Hobbies, life events, goals, new jobs, etc. once created, these events leave an impact “on your time line” the same way they leave an impact on our lives. Now each one of us can decide what is more important in our lives; and what we want to share with the world.

The Facebook Timeline definitely makes a large effort to bring our “offline” lives, online. The Facebook Time line change is not an “optional” one, it’s a mandatory one. Several people have already switched over to the new Facebook time line, these early adopters have already made the jump and created several different guides to help you along, a simple Google search brings up thousands of tips and tricks for the new time line. Facebook is going to make the jump for the rest of us in a few days, once the change goes “global” we’ll be able to focus more on our own personal branding, rather social networking.