Old Twitter is getting shut down “Very Very Soon!”

Well this is sad news, nine months ago twitter got revamped with their new twitter theme. At first I didn’t want to change to the new theme due to practicality issues. You know, the whole “I’m too used to this them already, why change it?”, and earlier today when we signed in to our profile we were met with this sad banner at the top. “You will automatically be upgraded to New Twitter Very, Very Soon.” Normally, our profile would have a message saying “you need to upgrade” but today that message had a higher level of urgency.

I’m not sure about what they mean by “very, very soon” for all I know it means that Twitter will change in 2 months, 2 weeks, 2 days, or even 2 hours. Unfortunately they don’t have any additional details regarding the message.

After some research, we found that over 88% of the twitter population uses the new twitter that’s almost 90 Million users, so I doubt anyone is going to have a strong word against the new change. I’m not exactly sure why twitter took this long to change the new theme, unlike Facebook, who changes their theme in one month every other month or so.

Are you ready for the full move? Not like you have any choice now, I guess the better question is, how are you liking the new twitter?