Idiotic Parent’s Are Mailing Chicken Pox Live Samples Via The Mail

I’m all about vaccines, I’m pretty sure that we all know that by now vaccines are very safe. Yes, you’ll have that one parent who reads to many one sided books, and read “medical studies” conducted by private mothers in their kitchens.  But out of the small part of Idiotic parents who choose not to vaccinate their children, you have a few who are a bit more insane than the others. The video I posted above gets down to the point on the whole – To Vaccinate? or not to Vaccinate?

I remember getting the Chicken Pox as a child, it wasn’t the best experience in the world. I actually got infected after I went out and played with a neighborhood kid who was infected with the Pox virus himself. So before you start commenting that you need to get infected with the virus before you get old to minimize the risk of dying – I know about all of that.  If you want to infect your kid, so be it. But don’t start a freaking Cult and bring your kid to the living room so they can go through their Chicken Pox right’s of passage, while you smoke pot with all the other neighborhood moms.

But this story goes way beyond idiotic parents not vaccinating their children, a very small group decided to start throwing “pox parties” and use Facebook to communicate with one another. These geniuses all get together so they can time when their kid gets sick with diseases like the chicken pox and other similar viruses. What’s worse, is that they don’t just throw the party at home… oh no… they want to go the extra mile and try their hardest to convince their friends to do the same. How you may ask? well they are Mailing viruses to all the other converted geniuses across the US.  CBS 5 KPHO in Phoenix reported on the extremely gross, dangerous, and possibly illegal act of shipping infected lollipops, clothing samples, Q-Tips, bibs, and anything else that can fit in a small package. The parents use nothing more than Zip lock bag and an envelope to keep the virus “safe.”  Why? Well because they believe that a Vaccine is going to cause Autism, and they would much rather infect their children with the virus as a form of “natural vaccination.”

How in the hell do they even think shipping infected lollipops is a good idea? and how does one go about doing this? “here Billy suck on this lollipop for mommy” – Half way through – “that’s enough Billy, I need to wrap it up so I can send it to your friend Mandy” What other unknown diseases are they unknowingly spreading?  and think about the psychological effects is going to cause on the child! when he’s 20 years old and he sees a lollipop…  He’s going to say F**K that! Last time I sucked one of those I got the Herpes!

These completely irrational mothers, supported by their irrational husbands, who despite the plethora of information that says vaccines are not associated with Autism, are endangering anyone who might come in contact with the infectious contraband. So just in case you get a box of Q-tips in the mail, make sure you don’t open the package you never know what the heck is going to be infected with. Not only are these parents putting their children’s life in danger by not vaccinating them against dangerous viruses, they are putting their classmates, their friends, and just about anyone else in the community in danger by shipping live virus samples all over the USA via regular mail. KPHO