Google Circles Knockoff comes to Facebook

Are you tired of waiting for the Google + invite? well here is a little something something for you. A group of Facebook Engineers in a non-affiliated capacity created a Circle hack using a “one night experiment with javascript.” So I guess if you can’t have the real deal, you might as well have a fake version…right?

The creators of the plugin borrowed liberally from Google for this “circle hack.” Once you go to the website, you are prompted to sign in with your Facebook account. Then you can begin to drag and drop rectangles of your friends from a site onto the circles at the bottom of the page.

But here is the catch….

Because of  the short and low budget that went into the development of the plug-in, the functionality of the site is, not that great. Currently, you can NOT delete the circles, so be careful of who you add when you make your circles. I guess the developers are not going to focus to much on the site since Google Plus might roll out any minute now….

Via: Engadget