Amazon’s Over The Top Customer Service

Everyone in the world claims to have the best of the best customer service, but no one, other than Amazon,  has the ability to say “I’m sorry they messed up, we had nothing to do with their screw up, but we’ll take full responsibility for their mess-up and give you a refund.”

The story began when Brian, using the name of Zambuka42 on Reddit, had an amazing experience dealing with an Amazon customer service representative, he decided to take a screen capture of the chat conversation and posted the image on Reddit to let all of his friends know about the experience.

Now, the image and post has received over half a million views and people continue to flood to the story. This is another good example of a social site doing amazing things for a company. It all started when Brian ordered merchandise from Amazon and it was sent to his parents’ house. Since he was volunteering in Tanzania, he had USPS deliver the order from his parent’s house over to his location. In the process, USPS lost the package and he never received his goods.

Brian, contacted amazon to see if there was any way that he could place the order again without having to go through the order process manually. After hearing the story of what happened to Brian, Karthikeyan, an amazon customer service representative, said “In that case, can I proceed in creating a full refund for your order, Brian?” .

Brian was shocked. He reiterated that it was the USPS’ fault, not Amazon’s.

The service agent replied, “I understand. However we’ll take full responsibility for this issue, Brian.”

The entire conversation was captured in a screenshot and posted on Reddit. The image now has over half a million views, the refund for the order was $25.13, and it wasn’t even their fault. But for $25 they received over half a million views on an image that shows how amazing amazon’s customer service really is. That’s probably the best $25 amazon has ever used for a positive advertisement campaign. Check out the screen shot of the image below (click on image to enlarge):