Lasers transfer data at 26 terabits per second

A couple of days ago we found out that a woman who had internet speeds of over 40 gigabits per second and we thought that was fast. But researchers have set a new record yet again, this time they are transferring data at an absolutely insane 26 terabits per second.

So how fast is that? well your home’s data transfer speed is about 20 megabits per second, Google is at about 500 megabits, 26 terabits per seconds… is fast… the simplest way that we can describe how fast that is, is by imagining that you want to transfer ALL of your data from your computer to another computer, when you click “transfer” it would take less than a fraction of a second to send all that information to your new computer.

Another example is downloading a full HD video, it would transfer to your computer before you even fully let go of your mouse clicker, in a quick nutshell, it means Instant downloads.

Were still years away from having this sort of technology in our homes but it’s a start, plus all of this new data experiments are making life easier on everyone else, every time someone finds a new method to transfer data, other companies and researchers take off with the idea and come up with their own versions for public use. Lets hope they hurry up with that, I’m getting tired of lag in movies, and video games. Plus if this ever becomes commercial, we’ll be able to stream HD data over the internet so we can all have HD movies at home, and if it reaches cellphones, we’ll be able to have cheaper data plans. Fingers crossed all the way, anything that makes down load times faster, and cellphone bill cheaper is 100% okay with me!

Via: Slash Dot