Boxee Live a New Reason to Ditch Your Cable Subscription

It seems like everyone is trying to find new reasons to get rid of their Cable subscriptions, and Boxee just announced a new gadget that’s going to make the ditch a whole lot easier. Their new dongle will let Boxee users watch Live TV on their Boxee Box!

Boxee only supports the local networks, but for a low fee of 50 bucks, you really can’t get better than that. You get your HD Antenna to grab extra local channels like NBC, or FOX. If you don’t know what boxee is all about the video at the top of the page will help you understand why this is an awesome move! Boxee doesn’t give you any cool features like DVR yet, but it gives you the ability to watch past episodes from the web!

A lot of TV shows and movies are online, but some things are still best enjoyed in the moment. Boxee LiveTV delivers live sports, local news, special events, and shows from your local broadcast stations (like ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC)* via an HD antenna – it means way more stuff to watch on a Boxee device with no monthly fees… so why spend so much on cable TV?

Boxee Live TV dongle will come out in January of 2012 for $50 so be ready for that!  [Boxee]