The Snow Ball Crossbow – In Just In Time For the Winter Holidays

When I heard the news that there was going to be a cold front coming in, I instantly though about different ways to start planning my first snow ball attack against my beloved wife. Then while looking online for cool snow fighting ideas, I came across the king of all kings. A snowball crossbow that fits the bill!

The Snowbow can send your snowballs as far as 60 feet, which isn’t that great but considering this thing looks amazing, distance shouldn’t matter. The crossbow has a press that makes three perfectly formed snowballs in one simple operation. Get one of these babies in the snow field and you have your self the best freaking snow blasting machine in town. The launcher is available for $40 through Sharper Image, and while I was unable to find an image of this thing actually being used, the computer rendered image looks pretty cool.

Sharper Image, via OhGizmo!