Finally A Functional Hover-board thanks to Quantum Levitation

You guys remember that one video that spammed the internet about quantum levitation? The image to the left should remind you of what it’s about if you’ve seen it. If not, it’s pretty simple. When you freeze a magnetic  object and place it on a magnetic rail, the actual object gets “trapped” above the magnetic field. It doesn’t move in any of it’s axis. If you want to know more about it, check the video at the end of the article.

The video above uses the same principle, except they used a much larger scale. They were able to create a hover board that can sustain the weight of a person and it moves them across the magnetic surface. Pretty cool if you ask me, I know we’re still years away from being able to have a real functional hover board like the ones from back to the future but this is an awesome video to say the least.

Currently, some researchers in Japan are working on scaling the technology  so they can develop levitating trains. I know that there are trains already in use that levitate, but they use electromagnetic suspension thousands of watts of energy just to keep them afloat and stable. But the amazing thing about quantum levitation, as you can see, is that the repelling force automatically keeps the vehicle steady along it’s path. Learn more by watching the video at the bottom: