A Cop Chases Himself For 20 Minutes Thinking He’s Chasing A Suspect

Imagine being a police officer and receiving a call that there is a suspicious subject walking around a property. Upon arrival to the scene, the CCTV Operator tells you that the subject just turned a corner and is just a few feet in front of you, you instantly chase after him and 20 minutes later you find out that the operator confused you with the subject, and actually had you running around in circles chasing your self.

This actually happened in the UK. According to the Telegraph an undercover police officer was radioed and informed that a potential suspect was close by. He started to run around looking for the subject and came empty handed. The CCTV operator said that the officer was “hot on the heels” of the suspect. Eventually a senior police officer arrived to the scene and walked up to the CCTV Room and realised that the operator had confused the undercover police officer with the suspect. The senior officer told the Telegraph:

“Every time the man darted in to another side alleyway, the [officer] was turning immediately into the same alleyway, but every time the CCTV operator asked what he could see there was no trace… [he] had been chasing himself round the streets.”

I guess that’s how you keep busy when there is nothing going on in the middle of the night. I wish there was a video of this it would go perfect with the Benny Hill skit, check the video at the top.