The Internet Has an Effect on How We Remember Things

I already knew that the Internet did affects our brain, I just didn’t know how it did it, and in what form. Recently, a study conducted on Internet users revealed that using the internet actually affects the way we remember things.

The study states that when you look up a piece of information, you automatically think “the information will be there later for me to look it up” unfortunately, we forget about searching for the information, and eventually we forget what or where to find it.

According to the study, if the information was fleeting and not searchable in the future, you would actually remember and follow it as much as you could just in case you needed the information in the future.

It really makes sense though, a theory states that we only use 10% of our brains, why in the heck would I want to fill up that 10% with non sense when I could go to Wikipedia and search what I was looking for?  Specially now that we all have cellphones, and KGB is ready to answer all of our questions for us.

Via NY Times