Some HP TouchPads Allegedly Shipped out With Android OS Installed on Them

Well, this is definitely interesting, when HP had that huge FAIL with the HP touchpad, they started to send out all of the tabs for under $100. The tablets that were being sold where then being hacked to run Android  as their OS. I had a couple of friends trying to hack the pad and other friends where even selling the tablet in parts, etc.The point here is that one companies trash, is another persons treasure.

But just recently a few TouchPad buyers claim that they received their Touchpads pre-installed with Android OS rather than the WebOS. Some Developers even contacted HP and wanted to know what version of Android was running on the devices, but of course, HP played the silent game – like any other smart company would.

HP stated that they never authorized the shipping of Android on the Touchpad, they even stated there is no chance in H.E. Double Hockey Sticks, that those pads came out of their plants. HP claims that they are running an investigation to see how the Android OS ended up on their tablets. I think that HP may be telling the truth and I think that this is just a couple of people that were successful at hacking their tablets and just want to blame it on HP.

But if HP is lying and they really did send out the tablets running Android OS, they should release an update to let us install the system our selves, I think it would run so much smoother than the WebOS. Otherwise I’ll have to turn the tablet into something more useful.

via PCWorld