How To See the LHC’s Collisions Live on Your Phone

The Hadron Collider has been blasting particles into all different kinds of directions for some time now. But finally, the Hadron Collider is letting us see what’s really going on inside those tubes. The LHC has released all of their data into a smart phone app. Now, you can actually see what the collider is doing while you are waiting on the buss or early commute.

The application is free to download from the Android market, it lets you enjoy the collisions live as they happen in the Geneva project. You have the option of viewing the collisions in both 2D or 3D depending on what you prefer. Now we can all learn how the universe works while we’re sitting at home not doing anything. Hey who knows, you may end up being the one that actually gets to see the God Particle when it’s finally discovered.

The app is downloadable from the Android Marketplace.