Foam Ball That Allows you to Play Bowling with your iPhone

At first look I thought, why would anyone want to carry an iPhone in a 1960’s football helmet? And unless you’re extremely clumsy with your items, this over the top extra secure smartphone case is just what you need. It has several inches of padding, it’s large enough that you won’t lose it in between the couch cracks, it looks like a ball so if you DO drop it, it won’t get run over by cars, and lastly, who in their right minds would want to steal a ball?

Well, as it turns out, this is actually an “appcessory” intended for interactive games like bowling or hot potato. The ball is just … a ball made out of foam. There is nothing really special about it. The ball has a cutout for your iPhone, iPod, or Android to fit inside to where it won’t fall out.

This ball is supposed to make games a bit more realistic, like bowling, instead of throwing the ball and swiping your fingers across the screen to make the ball move, you simply roll the ball in one direction and the accelerometer takes care of the rests by translating the motion of the ball into the actual game.

The video above shows people having fun playing all different types of games; they even have a party where the main attraction is the bowling app. If you really want one you’ll have to wait on the pricing or availability, since it was just revealed at Toy Fair, the details are still in the dark. TheO via Chip Chick