GoDaddy is Delaying Domain Transfers On Purpose

GoDaddy has been getting the short end of the stick lately, not only did they help write SOPA, but they are “excluded” to SOPA – yet another reason to be pissed off at them. They started claiming to be “neutral” about SOPA after everyone started to jump ship transferring their domain names to other registrar companies.

Now to make matters worse, GoDaddy seems to be delaying the transfer process to other sites. Many users started to report that their domain name exchanges were being delayed. According to Namecheap, GoDaddy is trying to stop the transfers by returning incomplete WHOIS information to other registrars. By doing this, you are literally forced to do the transfer manually, you need to contact the domain owner and process everything the hard way.

The bad thing about this is that holding the WHOIS information to another registrar company, is against the ICANN rules. I guess when everyone is leaving you behind; you have to do whatever you can to piss of your former customers even more – I don’t think GoDaddy got the lesson in Business School that says – the customer is always right.

Now could this be a small glitch? Probably, could this be a small coincidence? Maybe, but mistakes and glitches happen once or twice, not several thousand times. After people started to complain about this Godaddy responded by saying it was not their fault.

They said that Namecheap had limited access to their WHOIS service. This is the directory that relays information back and forth to registrars regarding who is the owner of the sites. According to Godaddy, this limitation is in place to combat general WHOIS abuse.  This limitation caused Namecheap to not get the full results.

Godaddy has lifted the limitations on Namecheap “as a courtesy.” They then accused Namecheap for calling them out publicly instead of contacting them directly to handle the problem behind closed doors. I don’t think any amount of girls on their home page is going to save them from this one.