How to get your very own life like dinosaur!

Do you have $350,000 bucks laying around you house? excellent! then we have good news for you! With that money, you can buy your very own 20 foot Animatronic Triceratops!

The Dinosaur was featured at the Field Museum of Natural History and is now looking for a new home. It’s equipped with some pretty cool gadgets, every time you get close to the sensors, who act as eyes, it will stare you down, roar at you, stomp his food, and much much more.

It’s been programed to do practically everything a real dinosaur could do, minus the whole going to the bathroom in the middle of your carpet with an elephant size dump, or eat you alive.  This sounds really cool and all, but if they could make this thing be operated from the inside that would be even better. If Ace Ventura had a robotic Rhino, why can’t we have this Robotic Dino do the same thing? all we need is have a good reliable fan and were all set.

Hammacher Schlemmer via Geekologie