Do People Really Live In Dumpsters?

A couple of days ago my wife and I were throwing out some trash in the middle of the night at our community dumpster in the middle of our apartment complex. It was then that I realized that she had a huge fear of people living in dumpsters, she thought that someone was going to pop out of the dumpster and attack her. “I always feel like there are people watching me from the inside of the dumpster saying to one another… look at her… she’s bringing us food” which to me was the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard.

Then I got online, and apparently, Gregory Lincoln Kloehn, lives in a dumpster. He took a real dumpster and converted it into what can only be described as the best living space ever. The dumpster has everything you can possibly think off. Gregory says, “a home is what you make of it,” and I think he’s absolutely right about that.

I don’t think I would love to live in such a small place, but I guess when you combine several dumpsters together, you may get a fairly big place. Still not great to live in, but definitely a cool place to hang out at in your backyard. You could also take it with you to the beach on the back of your pickup truck, or on a trailer and this could make for an awesome place to relax. Definitely looks cool. After watching the video, I would not mind using it as a travel aid!