The Best Place To Ski in the Universe!

Forget about Colorado or that super awesome place you went skiing to lat year. This place is way better than that…and it’s only a couple hundred million miles away.The place is in one of Saturn’s moon’s called Enceladus, and the snow in that moon is extremely fine, almost dust like.

“The particles are only a fraction of a millimeter in size … even finer than talcum powder,” study leader Paul Schenk, a planetary scientist at the Lunar and Planetary Institute in Houston, Texas, said in a statement. “This would make for the finest powder a skier could hope for.”

The moon was discovered by Nasa’s Cassini Orbiter and maps of the moon’s surface.So if you’re serious for some real skiing, get your stuff ready and start saving up, this is not going to be a cheap ride. Once you get there, the only real danger is drowning in the snow since there are places that are about 330 feet deep…

National Geographic via Boing Boing