New York City Scratch and Sniff Book

If anyone wrote a scratch and sniff book about your house, would anyone want to read it? And now, we are entering the main bedroom… you like that smell? I don’t think my house would sell, at least not my part of the house, my wife’s is a different story though.

But a town is something massive, I’ve been to New York once, and it didn’t smell that great so don’t ask me why anyone thought it would be a great idea to make a book that smells just like new york.

Amber Jones is a first time author that believes the world’s children deserve to take their early innocent noses down to New York, Phew York avenue.

Like any other town, New York has it’s smells that range from, wow, gag. According to Amber, the idea came after she was overtaken by the smell of New York as she searched for a local Pizza shop. She sniffed and sniffed and some how ended up with the idea of having a scratch and sniff book for new york.

It will have 30 urban smells from 19 different neighborhoods in an illustrated scratch and sniff adventure for children. They will be able to smell, baked breads, hot dog stands, fish, and even garbage trucks. Amazing idea she thought, until she tried to go to the publishers who very kindly turned her down. The cost would be to much and the idea sounds plain silly. Regardless Amber want’s to get this book published so she turned to Kickstarter and is going to publish the book her self.

Jones just recently met her $20,000 funding goal and the book is available for order on her website. I kind of want to order it just to see what it’s all about. I wouldn’t give it to a child though, this is a book for mature noses…

Kickstarter, via Scentsational Books