Sony Releases Two New Ultra Zoom Camcorders

As some of you guys may know, I’m a Private Investigators outside of the blog world. One of the main things that come in handy is having a good camera that is both compact and easy to use. I’ve had amazing luck with the Sony cameras, their optical zoom is amazing. They may not have the best “Network” per say, but Camera wise, they rock!

One of the main problems while I’m out in the field is parking distance between my self and the subject under investigation. If I park to close, I get amazing video of the subject when they come into view, the only problem, they get suspicious of that strange car with windows darker than than anything they’ve seen before.

But, if I park to far out so I don’t stand out as much,¬† I can only make out blurs of the subject when he comes out to do what ever they do…

But, thanks to Sony’s new Handycam¬† DCR-SX21E or the DCR-SR21E we will now have the ability to have ultra-zoom with 57x optical zoom and digital zoom bringing the total to 67x. That’s more than enough to clearly make out the subject from 2 blocks away.

Both of the cameras have the same specs with a 2.7-inch LCD, Steadyshot stabilization, and lots of other features. Like any other Sony Camera the only two differences between them is that the SX21E only records to Memory cards, while the SR21E has the ability to store the video on the card, or an 80GB HDD. The cameras will ship in early September all over Europe at an unknown price. The US release date is still not announced, but I’ll let you know when I get a hold of one of these cameras!