NASA Picks the Landing Site for Curiosity Mars Rover

So good news for the lonely rovers out in Mars. Today, NASA announced that they have selected the new landing site for Curiosity, their newest mars rover. This Rover will be landing near the Gale Crater, which scientist think might be a giant dried up Martian lake.

The rover will be able to find traces of organic compounds that rest inside the sediments near the bottom of the crater. If they do find these compounds, it could mean that life was located inside the lake at some time or another.

So how big is the new Curiosity rover? well, it’s about the size of a Mini Cooper, and it was created to analyze rocks by taking snapshots of the rocks etc. The robot has enough space to store about 2 years worth of photos . But unlike the other rovers, this slightly bigger rover has the ability to explore the land for about 14 years.

Very soon, we’ll be able to see how this new crater looks when the rover lands in August of 2012.