Can Particles Travel Faster than Light? Yes – According to CERN

Einstein’s theory of relativity states that nothing in the universe can travel faster than light. But CERN scientist believe that they are actually sending particles faster than the speed of light. If this is true, this means that Einsteins theory of relativity was wrong all this time and this could revolutionize physics.

This extremely shocking discovery came after the CERN scientist used their 1300-ton particle detector to measure how fast they could send a particle flying down the tube. They found that after sending about 16,000 neutrino packets from CERN Facilities in Geneva, traveling through the Earth and arriving 2.42 milliseconds later to a subterranean facility in Italy’s Gran Sasso National Laboraty. The packets reached the Italian facility 60 nanoseconds faster than the speed of light.

CERN will continue to conduct the experiment, to determine exactly how fast they are traveling.  Read the full story at: Science Mag