Scientists found Pristine Big Bang Gas

The Big Bang theory states that only the lightest elements, like hydrogen, helium, lithium and the hydrogen variant deuterium were formed minutes after the universe’s creation, but no such samples had ever been found, but US scientist found two interstellar clouds that contain the original gas that started it all. The gas only contains original elements created moments after the universe’s creation.  This gas is the equivalent of our stem cells; we could technically forge it into anything that we would want. According to previous research, all of the elements of the earth were forged in the cores of stars. So theoretically, all we would need is a couple of hundred pounds of this gas and forge it into gold, or any other metal we would need.

Unlike anything else in the universe, this “pure” gas has never mixed in with any other element in the galaxy. The existence of this gas, formed minutes after the Universe was created over 13 billion years ago, had been predicted by scientist, but never before observed.

The clouds are located about 12 billion light years away from the Earth inside the Ursa Major and Leo constellations. According to Jason Prochaska from the University of California’s Lick Observatory, they were analyzing the light coming from quasars, when they noticed that the light was passing through a gas that contained nothing but hydrogen and deuterium elements. He said “In some respect we were searching for this, but we had been doing so for years and had been unsuccessful so the discovery was a very welcome surprise,”

I guess is great that we finally have virgin gas, but at 12 billion light years away, This means the gas is probably gone and not even there anymore! You can read the full article in this week’s Science.