The Guys that Bought an Island

In February 2010 Rob Gorski was searching the internet during Jury Duty when he stumbled upon Rabbit Island. He tapped into his bank accounts, borrowed money, and took out loans to practically buy the island. Now that he bought the Island, he needs your help to buy tools to turn it into an artists retreat.

Rob worked with the local nature conservancy to place an environmental easement on the land, ensuring that the ecosystem would remain protected forever. So just so you can get an idea of where in the world Rabbit Island is located, check out the Google link by clicking on it’s name.

It lies three miles east of Northern Michigan’s Keweenaw Peninsula on a gentle rise of sandstone which breaks the blue surface of Lake Superior. It is an undisturbed 90 acre island of forest and rock teeming with wildlife; a rugged, northern ecosystem that remains in its natural state, never in its history suffering development or subdivision.

I don’t know about you but if I owned an Island, I think I would retire for a little bit and build a secret laboratory, or a super secret layer, or a super duper secret retreat! But I guess everyone has their passion on different things, Rob and Andrews passion, is in art, which is amazing. My ideas called for destruction of the place, their idea calls for conservation of the island so that’s better.

Check out the video below, they already got the backing done, but you can still give them money so their retreat is complete. You can even pay $5,000 to have full access to the island when ever you want. Via: Kick Starter