Robot Can Fire 1,000 Metal Pellets Per Minute

Imagine having the ability to make robots for a living. Tiny little robotic tanks that have the ability of actually causing some type of damage.

Well, the Beatty Family builds these robots. Armored robots with targeting rotating cannons. Armored robots that can detect enemies using eight ultra sonic sensors and fire 1,000 plastic or metal pellets per minute at their directions. Armored robots that takes the Beatty Family to the top as the cooles family in the world!

The turret above this 45 pound robot has 8 ultrasonic sensors that can calculate the distance between objects around it. The fully automatic turret can shoot the 1000 pellets at about 350 feet per second. The robot was designed as a “security system” by the family and it has the ability to shoot and scoot, peak and shoot, it moves sideways, forward, diagonally, which means the only thing this robot can’t do is fly… or crawl up walls.

The front of the robot has additional sensors that allows the robot to move autonomously around obstacles without crashing or bumping into them. The only bad thing about the robot is the LED’s … while they add a very cool effect, the LED’s actually tell the intruder what direction the robot is going to be moving on. They could have left them off to really surprise that one bad guy sneaking in through the window.

Via: Beatty Robotics and PC World