Windows App Market Passed the 30,000 App Mark!

Windows recently announced that their AppList just hit the 30,000 app mark. It’s no iPhone 500,000+Apps or Android’s 250,000+ Apps but it’s still pretty good. It’s doing better than BlackBerry’s OS and the WebOS, but then again, who isn’t better than those two?

Currently, there are 36,000 registered developers for the Windows Phones platform and I’m sure the numbers will grow even more as more phones are introduced into the market and the new Mango OS is sent out to the cellphones.

Another thing to also keep in mind is the whole WebOS incident, when HP decided it was time to close it’s doors to the WebOS. Brandon Watson sent out a tweet saying that windows could help them find a new home. The Tweet really did attract a large number of the webOS developers over to the Windows Side so we’ll have to wait and see how this is going to help Microsoft at the end. Take a look at all the other statistics for Microsoft’s Phone App’s here.