What the New Samsung Cellphone Names Mean

Samsung just recently came out with a new list of Android Gingerbread phones. All of the phones will have a new naming scheme that should make it way easier to understand what your phone does  by just looking at the name of the device.

When you hear people talking about their new Samsung Galaxy S Pro cellphone, the letters at the end of the name will tell you exactly what kind of phone they have and what the phone is designed to do.

The following letters will tell you exactly what is going on with the phone, starting with an S at the top of the line.

S – Means that the phone is “Super Smart”
R- Stands for “Royal” which is a premium model
W- is the amazing “Wonder” which is a high quality device
M- is reserved for the “Magical” phone which is a mid level phone
Y- is for the “Young” phone, which is an entry level device.
Pro- which is just a small fancy name for a cellphone that has a physical QWERTY keyboard
Plus- is just an upgraded version of the current Device
LTE- is reserved for the Long Term Evolution cellphone that makes it extremely easy to transfer data over the phone.

So now that you know exactly what the phone names mean, you’ll be able to go out and make a smart decision when you’re trying to buy the perfect phone later this year.