The iPhone SLR Mount

When Cellphone cameras came out with their astonishing 1.0 mp picture taking ability, everyone went head over heals over the technology. The Motorola Razor re-revolutionized the camera with their amazing added features like adding figures, of hearts or balloons floating around a person. Eventually, cellphone cameras became a thing of the past. Every cellphone now days has some sort of camera, from cameras that record in 720p to cameras that take 10.0 mp pictures. But, after all the bells and whistles are out of the way, you are still left with a device that takes “picture facebook updates.” What happened the night before? who was wearing what? what were Jim and Pam doing in the back ground? etc. etc.  For the most part, a 10.0 mp cellphone camera will never be as good as a real 10.0 mega pixel camera… for obvious reasons… one is a phone, the other is a camera.

The iPhone’s Camera is just the same thing as any other camera, the only difference, is that the iPhone has been dying to become things that really… it will never be. The iPhone has different applications that help your phone move forward in the quality of pictures, but at the end, the picture can only be digital-ized so much. One added advantage that the iPhone DOES have over any other phone, is the number of people who make and develop gadgets that will make the phone do amazing things. Thanks to those gadget-makers, we can now enjoy taking high MP pictures using an SLR Mount. For $250 bucks, the mount will allow you to take photos that can compete against “real” pictures… no filters added!

The way this works, is by placing a lens adapter case around your entire phone. The adapter case has a double functionality. One, it will protect your phone when you drop it, and two, it allows you to mount your Canon EOS or Nikon SLR lenses to the phone.  Once added, the phone will give you the ability to take powerful depth of field wide angle “CellaPhotos” that will make any camera jealous.

The iPhone has already become the #1 camera of choice for Flickr, and other photo services like Picasa. The mount developers are hoping to jump into the popular train before it slows down. There are two loopholes on each end of the case let you tie on a camera strap, so you can hang it around your neck just like your real DSLR. The only problem I see with this design is… I don’t want to be carrying a camera all day. The reason cell phone cameras are so popular is because they can fit into your pockets, or purse. Adding a lens that is that is 10 times bigger than your phone, completely defeats the purpose of compact-ability. So yes, this is an awesome addition to the camera phone, but not very practical…

I guess if you are a photographer, and constantly have to be on the run, you could use this as a back up when your camera’s batteries run low. You will have the adapter on your cell phone, at the ready to switch your SLR lenses from your Nikon to your iPhone in a matter of seconds, and continue to take those awesome pictures we all love to see.

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