Quick and Simple Differences: Facebook v/s Google

There has been a whole bunch of controversy over who copied who in the social fighting ring between Google and Facebook. We all know that Facebook is, and will continue to be, the king of social network, for at least a few more years. But, while facebook does have certain characteristics that might make them “unique” Google+ has the exact same features through other applications.

The Image below will compare each one of the giant’s features against one and other. And while facebook does have a very good set up, Google pretty much offers something that rivals and at times beats Facebook, by allowing the users to customize their accounts with a large number of themes.

Google+ is quickly becoming “The way” to integrate all of your accounts into one. Yes, you might have to go through an extra couple of steps to get to the information you want, but ultimately they are there. Here is an example, Facebook has the “notes” system. Which gives the users a way to “blog” their daily activity. Google+ in the other hand, has Blogger, a way to blog and customize your experience. Blogger is better and more customizable than Facebook, but it’s not readily available for their users. Unlike Facebook Notes that you could simply click on a profile and then click on their “notes.”  Blogger, you have to actually type in the user’s account. The list goes on and on, but I think you get the gist of it.

The image at the bottom will go over every single service that Facebook and Google has to offer… at the end, Facebook wins in “practicality and ease of use” while Google wins in the “functionality and their number of applications” Plus, they have the Android system… and facebook… I don’t think they’ll ever have a working phone system… yet…