Image OTD: How Many Years Has the USA been at War For?

Okay, lets think about this for a minute, how long has the USA gone without a fight, a War, or an “Operation?” Heck, most of the time, our wars intersect with each other, and we have several conflicts at the same time as the war, and even when we’re not at war, we still have a conflict going on in another country. It’s ridiculous, I would be okay if the US was involved in a war %50 of it’s existence, but we’ve been fighting for nearly %90 of the US’s existence.

I do understand that fighting is in the very DNA of the American Culture, starting with the American Revolution and fighting for representation in a dictatorship. That need for a “cause” has kept us moving forward through the years. But in the advanced era that we live in, we seem to be rather primitive with our aggression. While the Identifying need for a “cause” can be described as a positive thing, it has proven to be a hindrance on our social and economic growth. Let’s be honest, we’ve been at war since the very beginning. The image at the bottom will show you every single war we’ve been in. Check it out and you will see that we’ve been at war for 209 years out of our 235 year old country.