The College Conspiracy: Is Education Really Worth It?

Is education really worth the thousand’s of dollars that we throw down for every year?

I think that’s a question that can be answered differently depending on who you ask. I know people who have everything in life, from mansions, luxury cars, and home offices displaying their 5 different Phd’s on their wall. And then I have some friends who have Mansions, Luxury Cars, and home offices displaying “their first dollar bill” or family pictures on their wall.

The latter people didn’t have the ability to go to college, but still managed to create the “American Dream” through hard work and dedication. Some, even live better than most people with Phds. I’m not saying that education is worthless. I feel that once you gain “education” it’s there to stay… and no one will be able to take that away from you. But, I DO feel like education is more of a “molding” process. Taking us from point A… to where society feels it needs us.

We learn easier through hands on experience. I may not know how to weld, but let me work side by side with a welder and I’ll at least learn his ability. I have a good friend that I look up to who is the Quality Assurance Manager of a Small company. He never went to college, but he knows what he’s doing, he knows how to make things work. Instead of going to college, he took certification classes that pretty much have the same weight as going to school in his field.

College opens doors for us, but a very successful person once told me that “you can open any door, if you take the time and effort to twist the knob. Some doors are locked, so you’ll have to try hard to find the key. While College automatically opens up the door for you, you still need to have the permission to cross it”  Meaning, even if college teaches you to be a Rocket Scientist, you are graduating with 200 or 300 other people in the same field, by the time you get to “Rocket Scientist Company A” they already have a rocket scientist working for them… so does Company B, C, D, and E. And now, you are a rocket scientist working at McDonnalds.

One of the biggest ideas that has taken the nation by a semi-storm, is give your children money, to start a company… They will more than likely fail, but they will know exactly what went wrong and know what to look for in the future.

Now, I will agree that some career paths do require Education, Teachers, Doctors, Lawyers, are all fields where you need to have some sort degree to be good at what you do. I don’t want to have a doctor operating on my family with only a high school diploma and a “F” next to Biology.

The video below talks about college education being a Conspiracy, it talks about schools taking money from their students in every possible way… Books, Food, Meals, Bus Rides etc. My college charges me 1,000 for “library usage, bus transportation, gym, and food and meals. I don’t even use those amenities. I drive my self to school, there is no need for a bus ride, I also don’t use the Library, I search for everything on line, I eat at the McDonnalds on the corner, and I have my own Gym membership. So why can’t we opt out on those fees? Check out the video and learn why.