How SpaceX is Going to Come Back Home

I don’t know about you, but last time I checked, using parachutes was cheaper than using rockets to land. I guess the people in charge of the SpaceX program know something we don’t. Regardless, they are currently in the process of creating a fully reusable vehicle. This new vehicle will be the key for future space exploration.

Just recently, China announced that it was going to build a space station, which can be either a good idea or bad idea, depending on what side of the boat you’re on. Gizmodo had a great cover about why you should fear the station. If Elon Musk’s SpaceX gets the chance to become a truly reusable launch vehicle, it would take roughly $60 million per launch, keeping the US inside the new space race. Normally speaking, NASA wasted about $450 million dollars per launch, and due to their lack of funding, they were limited to how often they could launch off. Space X should increase their launches and at the same time increase the research being conducted on the station. So let’s hope this actually works out and actually makes the US go out and explore more things about our planet, or better yet, build and expand on the space station, that way we can have a better station than that of China’s future station!